Millennials, your very own Macarena, say slowly with feelings, “Des-pa-ci-to”

[Fast Track: While I’m waiting for some recording superstar to drop a new album this June 30, here’s a really quick feature…]

I cannot dismiss the fact that while I was setting up this blog dedicated to writing about music, “Despacito” was playing everywhere (or could it just be playing in my head?) I thought it was just another Justin Bieber song “featuring _______”, you probably know how the music credit billing goes, but it was actually a Spanish song by Luis Fonsi, apparently an already famous Latin singer, and Daddy Yankee of “Gasolina” fame (uhm, remember “Gasolina”? Of course you do), and then the Bieber jumped in later on when the song went mainstream – or that’s probably how the story goes. The Biebs actually earned a good amount of bashing for not being able to sing live and properly his Spanish parts to the song. Minus Bieber, you’d find the Fonsi-Yankee puro Latino version rather more refreshing to listen to; need I say Spanish is such a gorgeous sounding language? But turn it into a song and it’s suddenly gorgeous-hot summer day-sweat dripping-sexy.

So I first chanced upon “Despacito” on Spotify, and then the local radio, and then on YouTube because of the cover versions, and react-to-cover-version videos (you should run now to Youtube and find Julie Anne San Jose’s cover and tag Justin Bieber).

Julie Anne San Jose – Despacito

I was thoroughly enjoying every bit of it, the rhythm, the words…when I don’t even know what the Latin parts are saying. “Despacito” of course, I got to google as “Slowly”, but whatever the rest of the song is saying I just leave to my imagination as I watch their music video for at least eight times a day. You do that too, right? So it’s kind of a normal thing to do?

Luis Fonsi/Daddy Yankee – DESPACITO

As of this writing, “Despacito” is at the top spot of the Latin Billboard, and it’s been on that chart for 22 weeks! Whut?! Now the bigger Billboard chart, the “Billboard Hot 100” list, cites this song as their number 1 for six weeks now. It’s written somewhere out there that this is the biggest puro Espanol song since “Macarena”, and it’s actually as danceable as that 1993 megahit song, so why is it still a sing along and not a dance along song right now, huh? As of writing also, muy delicioso Enrique Iglesias is climbing the charts not too far behind “Despacito” with “Subeme La Radio”. I have attached a link to the song’s music video, the two would make a good mash-up for your next Latin themed party, and Subeme’s from the super yummy Enrique, ey! Go to him now. You’re welcome!

Enrique Iglesias – SUBEME LA RADIO

UPDATE: I failed to cite this cover version…stripped down, sexy, & of course so authentic…


  1. This is so interesting! I enjoy listening to Despacito, and I never really thought of the biebs not being able to sing in Spanish live as offensive, although I did think that some people would be insulted. I do think; however, that the biebs should have taken the time to at least memorize the Spanish parts so he can sing it live!

    I love your choice of niche! I haven’t come across a blog dedicated to music yet (probably because I rarely ever google music-related blogs ahaha), but I love the personality you put in your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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